About Us


In 1989, our company started to manufacture textile products with a modest atelier and sewing workshop. From the beginning of production until today, from management to employee, we have continued to pursue with the principle of being a national and international brand in sportswear by responding to the needs of our customers in the best quality and changing market conditions.

The biggest example of this is the "FORE" brand, and since 2002, when we started to produce it, we could show an increasing demand for the products that are produced domestically and abroad. After 2002, our company is proceeding with sure steps towards becoming an integrated company. He has taken the greatest steps towards becoming an integrated company with embroidery, printing, ironing packaging and approximately 190 people in his company.

In 2009, production capacity increased by 24% without sacrificing production capacity and customer satisfaction. Our company will continue to influence the national and international markets by combining the best fabrics with technology in terms of health and quality by taking advantage of the latest trends according to customer requests and market researches.